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What is heroin?

 Although the techniques vary, most growers use pods or straw bran from flowering plants to extract light brown powders containing concentrated morphine.

Its offshoots, including opium poppies and painkillers Codeine and Laudanum, north carpins that suppress cough, and morphine, have become famous throughout human history.

Neolithic burial ground in Spain shows evidence of poppy use According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the first mention of opium came in 3400 BC, when poppies were grown in Mesopotamia. The ancient Sumerians called poppies Hul Gil (“joy plants”) and ancient Egyptian, Greek, Minoan and Sanskrit texts record the use of poppy-derived medicines. In the early 1800s, the Opium War occurred as British merchants attempted to right trade imbalances with China by flooding Asian countries with cheap opium, resulting in widespread intoxication. Chinese officials tried to stop opium trading, but the british invasion led China to accept open trade policies, including opium imports with European powers. “Heroin : Its

 History, Pharmacology, and Treatment”(Hazelden, 2011)의 저자 인 Humberto Fernandez와 Therissa A. Libby에 따르면 1900 년까지 중국은 1,350 만 명의Addicts consumed 39,000 tons of opium per year.


It is a narcotic pain relief agent used to treat severe pain.

How can I use heroin?

Most often intravenous (IV), but it can also be:

  • Airization (“smoked”)
  • Sniffing (“sniffing”)
  • Used as supply
  • Oral intake.

Smoking and smelling heroin are not as fast or intensely “rushed” as IV injections. Oral intake is usually not “rushed”. However, when used in supposit form, it can have an intense euphoria effect. Heroin is addictive by any path.

Heroin in southwest Asia can cause ‘smoke’ by heating solids in metal foil above small flames and inhaling steam. Those who want to inject this form must first dissolve it in the same form as citric acid or ascorbic acid. The Southeast Asian type is suitable for direct injection of solutions. The typical dose is 100 mg at the purity of the distance level. The consumption of dia morphine/heroin is a much less effective route of administration, except when used for treatment as a pain relief drug.

What is the cure for heroin addiction?

A variety of effective treatments for addiction are available, including behavioral and pharmacy (drugs). In addition, both approaches help restore normality of brain function and behavior, increasing employment rates and lowering the risk of HIV and other diseases and criminal activity.

Control State

It is listed in the Schule I of the UNITED NATIONS 1961 Convention on Single Drugs. Dia morphine is also included in the 1972 Protocol, which amended the 1961 Convention in general sense, expanding control over ethers of estors and scheduled substances. For this, dia morphine is a di acetyl ester of morphine (Schedule 1). Accidental discovery

Morphine was first extracted from opium steeds in 1803. It quickly gained popularity among doctors as an analgesic and was widely used in the American Civil War and other conflicts.

In 1898, while synthesizing codeine (an opiate that is less powerful and less addictive than morphine), chemist Felix Hoffman combined morphine with acetic acid anhydrhythms to accidentally create heroin (di acetyl morphine), which is several times more powerful than morphine

Eventually, Hoffman’s company, which grew into pharmaceutical giant Bayer, sold diacetylmorphine as “Heroin” based on its heroic qualities. 

The United States and most other countries eventually banned heroin.

According to the DEA, the drug is currently listed as a Schedule I drug under the U.S. Controlled Substances Act, meaning it has no medical benefits and is considered highly likely to be abused.

The addictive drug may be a black sticky substance known as white or brown powder or “black tar heroin,” said Dr. Scott Krakower, deputy director of psychiatry at Zucker Hillside Hospital on Long Island, New York.

According to the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), taking the drug can cause euphoria and is often accompanied by dry mouth, skin flushing, heavy limbs, and turbid thinking. Because heroin stimulates the brain’s reward pathways, people often return to the drug to feel feel good, NIDA reported.

Krakower told Live Science, “It gives people an immediate rush or the best, and it can ultimately be fatal.” Said.

How heroin works

Heroin in powder form can be inhaled, “inhaled by the nose” or smoked with a nostril, Krakower said. However, many people prefer to inject drugs in liquid form, since this method can produce faster and more intense results.

Like other opioid-based painkillers, heroin binds to opioid receptors in the brain and spinal cord, which, according to NIDA, are specifically located along reward pathways such as nuclear accumulation.

This combination brings extreme euphoria and freedom from pain, followed by a typical drowsiness and warm feeling of opiate-like painkillers, Krakower said. These highs can last for several hours, depending on the intensity of the dose.

Other names

A large number of street terms are in use, including horse, Smack, Dope, Mud, Skag, Junk, H, Black tar, Black pearl, Brown sugar, Witch hazel, Birdie powder, Dragon, Hero, White stuff, China white, Boy, Chiva, Mexican horse, Pluto, Skunk, Number 2

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